Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chicago Show 2016

We made the trip up to Chicago for the 2016 Chicago show, and I really enjoyed myself.  Got to see a lot of people I hadn't talked to for awhile, and dig through a few buckets of plastic.  My son, now 6, got to purchase a few loose figures that he picked out all on his own (all Marx, good taste).

For myself, I mostly picked up older, loose Barzso figures that I needed, including several character figures.  Ron was great, helping me figure out what I needed, and what came from which set.

Long John Silver and Alice

Molly Pitcher and Davy Crockett

The whole Barzso haul, 2016 Chicago
I also had a nice conversation with the gentleman from LOD Toy Soldiers, about his Battle of Troy figures.  They are really nice, and I hope he sells a ton of them and continues to put out new figures.

Other highlights included the new Vietnam figures from TSSD, Seeing all of Paragon's cool stuff, and wandering through the Wm. Britain's room, seeing all their cool painted metals.  If I was to make the jump to metal, I would definitely start there.  Ken Osen is a master at sculpting and research.

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