Thursday, February 27, 2014

ID These Germans Please!

I picked up these Germans in an antique mall last weekend, and I'm not sure what brand they are.  They were in a bag with some Tootsie Toy Military Police figures that I wanted, so I didn't even notice them until I got home.  If you know what brand they are and where they come from, I'd be appreciative.  They are cast in a fairly hard plastic, and the same size as Marx Germans.


Anonymous said...

I "THINK" they are from the 1970's Dinky German 88 cannon set but don't quote me.If you can 'Google Find' a picture of a 70's Dinky catalouge showing the 88 it might be them,i know there was a gun crew with the cannon.Kuvaszsleepybear.

Beau said...

Hey, thanks!! Yup, that sure looks like them. Appreciate the tip.