Monday, October 28, 2013

It's like toy soldiers, but on the PC (another sci-fi post)

Probably not a big surprise to most of you, I'm kinda into video games.  I'm not the guy who will spend hours sitting in front of them, and talk about them non-stop..... well, ok, I probably do spend hours sitting in front of them, and I am sitting here writing a blog about them, so scratch all that.... let me just throw this out there.
The reason I stay up till 1:00 am every night
X-COM: Enemy Unknown is probably the most fun I've had with a video game in years.  It's a tactical, squad based game, where you build up your individual troops, arm them with various weaponry, and hunt down aliens.  The actual game play is pretty much like playing with toy soldiers.  You control each soldier, running them around the map, shooting aliens and trying not to get shot back.

Very much a sci-fi themed romp, this game has pulled me in and not let go for awhile.  Just as soon as you get attached to a particular soldier, leveled them up, outfitted them with the best gear, and named them after your favorite pet, they get eviscerated by some ugly looking spider alien demon thing.  It's pretty awesome.

Spider Demon ate my Sniper....
It has an expansion coming soon, so even more spider demony gameplay coming at your soon.  I play mine on PC through steam, and can't comment on the other versions.  Rock on!

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