Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shadows of Brimstone (Board Game)

I like cowboys.  I also like Cthulu / H.P. Lovecraft style horror.  I'm pretty big into miniatures too.  Put it all together, and what do you have??

"Shadows of Brimstone" is a new game being run through Kickstarter by Flying Frog Productions.  They have several big games under their belt, and a whole slew of miniatures to go with them.  But the miniatures being shown for this game are some of their best in my opinion.

I'll be backing it, because I love co-op games, and the western theme is pretty awesome.  They've got some great stretch goals and add-ons (check out the Lost Army figures!).  If you haven't ever done a Kickstarter before, it does carry with it a bit of a risk.  There are tales of games never coming to fruition, and projects totally crashing and burning. The fact that Flying Frog has been around for awhile and have been through the process before gives me confidence though.

So yeah, if you're into board games, and westerns, and miniatures, and you've got $150 to spare, it's a no-brainer.  Kickstarter ends Nov. 24th.

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