Sunday, June 9, 2013

Zombies Attack!

I picked up some of the new Walking Dead "toy soldier" zombies.  You get 14 figures in 7 poses, half brown, half toxic green.  The sculpting is great, no wonder coming from Gentle Giant.  The poses are fairly standard, all doing the zombie shuffle.  If you want to build a horde of zombies, these are your guys!  I got mine through Ebay, as they are not currently available through Gentle Giant.  Look around, and you'll find a reasonable price.

Zombies battling a detachment of various modern military

 As far as size goes, these look to be a healthy 60mm.  I've lined them up for you against some other "modern" figures that may get some play time against them.

I'm hoping that Gentle Giant isn't done, as the packaging said "1st Wave" or something like that.  I'd pick up a second set in a heartbeat!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics!
It looks like the second wave, plus what appears to be a Woodbury walker fight pit playset( including Rick & Daryl ), are coming soon( hopefully before Christmas ). Gentle Giant has pictures of them on their facebook page( dated July 21, 2013 ).