Thursday, June 6, 2013

Header Card Design and, well, more begging

1st Draft Header Card Front

I wanted to keep the same design concept as our first set, just with a different shade of color on the bottom. Each bag, if you've pledged towards kickstarter, will contain 8 figures in 4 poses.  If you wait till after Kickstarter, it will be 6 figures in 3 poses (In other words, if you want the exclusive figure, PLEDGE!)

I appreciate all your support so far!  We've got 11 days left, and we're at 41%.  I know there are still a few "big spenders" waiting to see how much they need to give, but we've got a lot of ground to cover in just a few days.

And make no mistake, if we do not reach our goal, these figures will NOT be produced.  I was just looking at the masters again this morning, all lined up together, and it struck me how nice they look as a group.  I really want to get these into collectors hands, let you set them up, paint them, convert them, shoot em' with bb guns, whatever.  If you're on the fence, now's the time!


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