Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 days left! Keep it going!

Here is the complete list of backers so far.  I appreciate each and every one of you and the support you're showing towards our project.  Yes, we're just under 50% with only five days left, but I have confirmed with a couple of backers that they do intend to pledge a fairly sizable amount.  One went so far as to say that they would do whatever it took to push us over the top.  

And remember, the exclusive figure is really, really exclusive.  If you miss out on this Kickstarter, I'm saying it now, you will NOT be able to get this figure from me afterwards outside of Kickstarter.  So pledge, get your name on the list below, help out a small time toy soldier company trying to bring a few more of these bits of plastic to your collection.  Help us get get these sculpts into production and get more sculpts under the knife in the future.

Exclusive Pose available ONLY to Kickstarter Backers!

If you name is listed incorrectly, please let me know.  

CAPTAINS - (All Spaces Taken!)Zamburak
Jim Wassam
Rita Cunnyngham (Thanks Mom!!)
Jesse Woods
Carlos Fernando Penatti Marques
Donald Saxman
The Toy Soldier Company
Jay Fife

Brian McIver
Nick Versteeg at Toy Soldiers of San Diego
Gregory Baumbach
Joseph Cairo
Steven Roy
Edmund Hon
Paul Schwartz
Jim Carey

Mike Kutnick
Waynolin Wood
Clark Haberman
Rob Kilpatrick

William Hupp

Steve Carroll
P J Robinson at Yahoo Marx Playsets Group
Michigan Toy Soldier Company
Ronald Barzso at Barzso Playsets
East Coast Toy Soldier Show
Patrick Mungavin


Scott Lesch
Thomas Vincent
Steve Clarkson
Scott Lawalin
Jeremy Martin
Dave Slavin
Ron Sullivan
William Lenart
Andrew Maxwell
Mike Schredl
David Howard
Craig Scibner
Edward Borris
Jim Clouse at Battleboards
Thomas Schobert
Gorillamo Vargas
Mike Westbay
Gene Abravaya at Paragon Scenics and Miniatures
John Cross
Gerardo Vazquez at Toy Soldier Depot

Gary Binder
Ed Grande
George H. Charlton Jr.
Kim Gelke

Richard Stuhrke
John Arnold
George Gaspar
Arthur Belshaw
Brian Wilk
Thomas Loftus
Jeff Deason
Dan Lopez
Tim Deichl
Stephen Hill
Dean Cardulla
Neal Lerer
Thomas Stark
Michael Cabarles
Bobby G. Moore
Bruce Chew
Michael Weldon-Llnne
Phillip D. Yancy
Joel Steward
Jonathan Steplyk
Dave Poll

PRIVATES - Lou Willman
Doug Dearth

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