Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good Run, but Pulling Plug

Hey All,
I woke up this morning, and I knew it was time to pull the plug.  We gave it a good run, raised over $5,000, but in the end, we just didn't have enough people.  After I post this update, I'll be shutting down the Kickstarter project.
To those of you who backed us, you're a testament to this hobby.  Willing to go out on a limb to support a small time manufacturer working out of his garage.  Your attachment to this hobby is astounding, but not surprising.  It's the same reason we keep checking the same webpages every day over and over again waiting for news on new figures, and why we drive and fly hundreds of miles to shows to buy the latest releases, even though it would be cheaper to buy them online.
To those of you who did not pledge, no worries.  It's a risky proposition to put out dollars a full year before the item will be delivered to you.  You rightfully pick and choose what you spend your hobby dollars on, and I'll take your decision as helpful feedback when preparing for future endeavors.
We did have an offer to put us over the top on funding, but I declined, as I just didn't feel it would be right.  We'd just be beating this same dead horse over and over again. I'd have a garage full of unsold toy soldiers, and we'd have no surplus funds to finance the next set, and that is our ultimate goal.
I can't say what will happen with these particular Civil War sculpts.  As I've relayed previously, we are working on a new era.  So no, a failed Kickstarter isn't going to keep me from trying to continue future production, but it's definitely changing the way I'm going to go about it.
Plastic, for now, is most likely outside of my realm of possibility.  As you can see from this Kickstarter, it's a lot of money invested up front, a year till product is delivered, and far from guaranteed to bring back your investment, much less a profit.
Please keep in touch with us at, as we'll continue to beat our heads against a wall, trying to put out new items.  Because I, just like you, want new and exciting toy soldiers for this crazy hobby of ours.  
Hopefully this project has been seen by some other manufacturers, and they are brave enough to give it a shot themselves.  Would love to see this become a viable way for new project to become reality.
Best wishes, and keep collecting!
Beau Cunnyngham

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