Monday, April 29, 2013

Kickstarter Follow Up! And a bit about Bases....

Please scroll down after reading this to see the Kickstarter Announcement, but I wanted to give a couple updates.

I've already gotten quite a bit of support through email and facebook messages.  THANKS, we'll need it!!!!  Just to give you an idea of what the support will need to look like, we'll need, at fewest, 430 people pledging.  Once the Kickstarter project goes live, you'll be able to see the different levels of pledges available.

And, to answer a couple comments from below, a couple of collectors have asked that we keep the bases flat, or at least similar to our Confederates.  No worries there.

New Union on left, Confederate  on right
As you can see in the picture, the bases should be the same.  (For clarity's sake, the figure on the right is a pre-production resin figure.  Notice the arm position with the hand near the middle of the barrel.  No one holds a rifle like that in real life.)

If we were to go any thinner, with the type of plastic we use, we'd have awful base warping going on.  Warped bases were an issue with the Confederates actually, but compared to having really thick bases, I think we found a nice middle ground.

In order to have really thin bases, I'm assuming we'd have to use a really, really hard plastic. Yuck.

And please, spread the word about our Kickstarter project.  The project will go live in just a few days, once all the details are fully mapped out.  We've already gotten the approval from Kickstarter, just needs some grammatical checking and a few picture edits to make it ready to go live.

If you want to check out a live Kickstarter project, take a look at the Myth project by MERCS Miniatures.  It was successfully funded with over 5,000 backers and over $900,000 dollars in pledges.  I personally backed it as well, as I really like previous work the company has done.

Rock on, and thanks!

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