Monday, April 29, 2013

Introducing our Kickstarter Campaign for our New Union Infantry!!

Maybe you've heard of Kickstarter, and maybe you haven't.  If you have, feel free to skip ahead a bit...

Kickstarter is a website where ideas go to thrive, and if lucky, get funded.  The site relies on "crowd-funding", where people pledge dollars towards a project they find interesting.  It's not really a pre-order, though it ultimately functions as one.  Basically, by pledging funds toward a Kickstarter project, you're helping that project actually get finished.

In our case, we want to create a new set of Civil War Toy Soldiers, done in injection molded plastic.  Not a cheap proposition by any means.  Being a new dad, dropping $15,000 to produce a new set of figures with no guarantee of a return on investment is downright irresponsible.  And that's where Kickstarter steps in.  It allows me to garner those pledges from people who are willing to help back the project.  And if the monetary goal is reached, I can go ahead and start the factory in on producing and bagging the figures

And being a backer gets you premium add-ons and discounted prices.  In our case, it will also get you an EXCLUSIVE figure that will ONLY be available to those who back our Kickstarter project.

To show you exactly what we're attempting, here are the figures we are trying to get produced:
New Union Infantry Prototype Pose #1
Union Infantry Pose #1

New Union Infantry Prototype Pose #2
Union Infantry Pose #2

Union Infantry, Pose #3.
Union Infantry Pose #3

Exclusive Kickstarter ONLY pose
EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter Only Union Infantry pose #4

If pledges go above the monetary goal by enough, stretch goals will start to apply.  These are rewards to backers that do no cost anything extra, we simply add them in as a thank you!  These sculpts still have some changes that need to be made and some detail that needs to be added.

Pose #5, First Stretch Goal
Stretch Goal #1, A Work in Progress

Work in Progress Pose #6, Prototype still being adjusted
Stretch Goal #2, A Work in Progress.

The campaign is not live yet.  We're awaiting approval from the Kickstarter site.  But when it does come through, we'll let you know.  We're really excited to get started, and hope you are as well.  If this works out, it will really open up some new opportunities for us to create more and better toy soldiers in the future.  Hope you decide to join us!!

If you have any questions about Kickstarter, or our figures, please feel free to email me anytime or contact me through Facebook.

Beau Cunnyngham


Anonymous said...

Flatten the bases!!to what they are like on the Confederates.

The Collector said...

AGree with the Previous comment. Good Luck with this

-PJR, MARXPLAYSETS at YAHOO GROUPS (We are more then Marx!!)

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to seeing this project realized, Beau. Will support you however I can. I bought bunches of your rebs and hope to do the same with your Yanks. Wayne Wood, AL

Scott B. Lesch said...

I'd like to be in for a couple of sets. I agree with the lower base sugestion. I like the poses.