Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Indianapolis Show 2013

We braved the winds and snow to participate in the Indianapolis Show this past Sunday, and I'm really glad I did.  I sold a few things, had a fun time talking to everyone, and picked up a few treasures.

I apologize that I didn't take many pictures.  I was too busy shopping and conversing, but hopefully Playset Magazine will post some pictures like they always do.

There was a good variety of metal and plastic all over the place, and dealers seemed quite willing to wheel and deal.  I scored a never-opened Barzso Battle of New Orleans way below the normal asking price.  Barzso was of course there with all of his new Revolutionary War figures and scenics, as well as a lot of other bagged figures.  Other favorite dealers included Rick Eber and his awesome vintage playsets, The Marx-Man with all sorts of originals and recasts, the War Store, whose shelves were overflowing with plastic goodness, Jim Clouse with his amazing battleboards, and of course Mike and Ed who were there on assignment from TSSD with a load of their products.  I didn't catch everyone's names, but there were a ton of really friendly dealers and collectors who just liked to stand and talk about toy soldiers, which I can think of no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Barzso Battle of New Orleans Americans

Barzso Battle of New Orleans British

A nice surprise was seeing all of the new Austin Miniatures Cowboys.  I talked to a fellow (I'm so sorry that I forget his name!) that knew the sculptor and was there showing off the new sculpts.  He said that they were scheduled to be released by OTSN.  I wish them the VERY best of luck.  The sculpts look great, and I'll be sure to buy a bag or two.  I forgot to ask what colors they would be cast in.

All of the Austin Miniatures

Close-up of Cowboys

Overall, the crowds were down and sales were light.  Could be because the weather was so horrible, or could be because there was nothing "Brand New" at the show, or could actually be because the hobby is experiencing a bit of a downturn right now.  I don't know, but regardless, I had a great time and came home with more than I started with! (and now that I think about it, that's probably not the actual goal of a salesman....)

Stay tuned for news on our upcoming Yanks!

Possible pose #5
Exclusive Union Infantry
And be assured of the fact, if you're here reading all of this, you officially rock!

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pylgrym said...

Hey Pardner! I think your key phrase is "fun time"!
It's a hobby, not a livelihood; most of us keep a proper perspective....rain or shine!
I last made it to Indy in 1998, I think, and brought my ten and four year old daughters.
We concentrated on horses that year, needless to say!
My baby is now almost nineteen!