Monday, March 25, 2013

Marx Cape Canaveral Missile Base Playset

Yes, The Indy Show is over, but before I get into that, I wanted to show off what I picked up at an antique store this past Saturday.

The Marx-Atomic Cape Canaveral Missile Base.  It's in great shape overall.  The box is sturdy with no tears, and most, if not all, of the pieces are there, with a full set of figures.  Even the little compass that goes in the base of the largest missile launcher was lying in the bottom of the box.  Most of the stickers had been applied to the rockets already, and one looked like it might have taken an actual ride on a bottle rocket at one point.  But overall, it looks like it got very little play time.  It still had a sheet a paper in the box where a kid had colored in a mountain background in crayon.  Very cool find.

Just goes to show, you can still find a few undiscovered gems floating around antique malls and flea markets, just have to get lucky!

I'll post a report from the Indianapolis Show hopefully tomorrow.  In fact, I should have a few updates of note this coming week.  Stop back soon!


Anonymous said...

Had one of these given to me in 1972. Still have bits and pieces of it here and there and bought 2 recast sets. Love it. You seem to be missing the platform laucher yet you have the rockets for it. Nice to see one in very good condition, too.

Carolis Midinoche

Anonymous said...

My bad. You do have a platform launcher, its in orange. I'm used to seeing it in white.
I also used the Bomarc launcher, overloaded with newspaper rubber bands, to launch lit firecrackers about 20 yards out into the front yard from the front porch.
The Bomarc launcher could launch anything you could fit in the launch rail.