Monday, March 18, 2013

Adventures in Antiquing

My wife and I took a couple days to trek around Ohio and visit their many large antique malls.  We hit Cincy, Springfield, and Columbus.  Here's a few things that I saw.  Brought home a couple of them as well.  Coolest thing that I got was the "Marx" Robin Hood figures.  Not the real ones, but the Canadian Cereal Premiums.  Some in the flat mint green, but most in the bright colors.

Marx Civil War set.  Not in great shape, but fun to see sitting there.

The ubiquitous "Bag of Army Men"

Marx Untouchables

Marx Castle and Knights

Marx Street Front

Marx Germans

Milton Bradley American Heritage Battle-Cry boardgame

You can see there in the front some of the Canadian Robin Hood Cereal Premiums

TimMee Vietnam Era with the Marching Pose

Really Expensive train set

Again, expensive Train set


Anonymous said...

Waddya mean the Canadian Robin Hood figures arn't "REAL" eh eh??LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Massachusetts and in the early 70's the Marx 54mm Robin Hood figures were in cereal boxes for a limited time (I forget what brand)They were a green mint color like the original Marx 54mm Vikings. I got the Merry Man carring the treasure chest and the Sheriff figure. I was really exited about it and kept begging my Mother to buy that cereal which she really didn't want to do. Being at the tail end of the Baby Boom (born in 1962) and the way Marx released playsets - maybe putting them out in 1959-60 then holding them back for 8 or 10 years the were alot of sets I didn't know existed at the age of 8. One of them was both the 60mm and 54mm Robin Hood also the WW2 Brits, Russians and Japs. A neighbor had some French WW2 in light Blue (Which I wanted bad)also the ACW fallen cavalry man wasn't put in sets that I had. One neighbor had that passed down from his brother with the sword broken off and no horse and we couldn't figure out what he was supposed to be doing. Those were the days!

Anonymous said...

I got a bunch of the mint green Robin Hood guys, I think it was Post Rice Krinkles (?), I think that's the name - they were like a sugar coated Rice Krispies as I remember. Didn't know there was a set for years.

When I was a kid I was able to get the Giant Blue and Gray (which started my love of the little guys), and a Desert Patrol Set. Always wanted a Ft Apache but didn't get it until I was around 12 in the metal Carryall version. That was a Toy Soldier year, also got the Boot Camp and Fighting Knights sets.

Usually we got Marx's poorer cousins, the MPC sets with mis-matched scales and/or ringhand guys whose weapons got lost - but I loved them all.

Beau, I almost envy you guys who live in places where you can actually find old toy soldiers at flea markets and yard sales. I love where I live but I've been "home" from the Army 25 years and have yet to see a single 1/32 scale toy soldier at a flea market or yard sale. My wife found some old 6-inch figures she picked up for our grandkids but that's it. I still look though. I don't know if the little guys weren't that popular down here or folks just couldn't afford the sets - this place was pretty impoverished till the last couple decades.

Do enjoy reading about my buddies' finds on the net though. If it wasn't for the net I'd be up that proverbial creek as far as the hobby is concerned.

Wayne W (LA- Lower Alabama)

Kent Sprecher said...

The cereal Robin Hood figures were in a light waxy green. They are slightly smaller copies of the Marx figures and easy to tell apart as the Marx characters were in one mold and the merrymen in another one so always different colors while the Canadian Cereal guys were all made in one mold. A US promotions company, Rubenstein sold them in later years in small header card bags in the darker green, red, yellow and blue colors.