Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Math of Toy Soldier Production

I got a C- in Math my Sophmore year of high school.  They made me retake the course, because they were sure I could do better if I put my mind to it.  So come Junior year, I took the same class again.  I got a C-.

Above you can see my juvenile chicken scratch trying to make numbers work for our upcoming project.  I'm not a numbers person, and it takes me awhile to get everything straight in my head.

I'm still waiting for exact quotes from the factory for the Union Infantry set we want to put out in injection molded plastic, but I can use the previous costs from my Confederates to get a pretty good idea what the final costs will be.  Molding costs have gone way up since 2009, but I already know the exact costs for that. Still waiting on production and packaging costs, and importing costs, including those infernal safety testing costs.  "NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THREE"  and not of interest to anyone under the age of 30.  Don't think I really need to worry about my customers trying to eat a handful of Yankees, but it must be a raging epidemic for some toy products.

Once we have a few more pieces in place, we can roll out the plans for our full scale "project"....

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Anonymous said...

Looking far into the future do you have plans for any other era besides Civil War and WW2?