Monday, November 26, 2012

Expeditionary Forces Civil War figures

According to the TSSD website, the new Civil War figures from Expeditionary Forces were expected to arrive yesterday.  I reckon it would be worth calling them up if you are interested in getting some.  I plan to get a set of each, especially if they fit in with Imex/Accurate figures and Marx figures.

Here's a picture I took at OTSN a couple months ago that shows the Expeditionary figure lined up beside the figure from our first (and hopefully not last) set of plastic Civil War.


The Collector said...

Look a bit smaller then your figs But.....I have found your figs to fit well with others ..better then TSSD and CONTE.

Anonymous said...

More Civil War is always welcome for those of us who are CW buffs. Glad to see that you have not ruled out another set in the future, loved your Rebs. Cheers!