Saturday, November 24, 2012

1/32 Taliban Warriors

So, I know there's not a lot of guys into really modern stuff, but I wanted to pass along this find.

I pulled this image straight from the Michigan Toy Soldier website (hope they don't mind!).  I know these aren't always easy to find, but they have them listed in their New Release section.  It's 16 figures in 4 poses for $22.  Kind of high, but hey, if you need em' you need em'.  Not many other options out there if you are looking for Modern "bad guys".


Anonymous said...

If these sell well enough hopefully the company will do the second set of figures that were talked about when these first showed up a couple of years ago.B.

Beau said...

Any idea what the followup set would consist of?

Anonymous said...

I just remember talk of a second set with more actual shooters but I've never seen any pics or if they were actually produced in Russia.Do you have any contacts in Russia who could research it?B.