Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gen-Con 2012 "The Costumes"

Here is my final posting on GenCon 2012.  And this one is going to be all about the costumes.  Some really awesome ones this year, and I couldn't always get a good shot, and some of the best ones I missed all together.  It was really busy, people moving every which way, and always messed up my shots.  This, along with the two previous posts, should give you a flavor of what Gen-Con is all about.  It may not float everyone's boat, but if you're into games and miniatures, you should give it a try sometime. 

On to the pictures!

My Winner for Best costumes.  Awesome!!  He's even got the coffee can.

Bolt Action Games.  They have some pretty cool miniatures.
Great Deadpool costume, and he was playing the part too!

No idea what this is.

One of my friends recognized what this was, but I can't remember.

My two favorite adventurers. Lara and Indy!

Relic Knights booth
This dude was kinda creepy, so all in all, the costume worked

Relic Knights Booth.  Pretty sure this is what they refer to as a "booth babe". 

She just stood there, kinda freaky.  Cool costume though.

Someone else recognized who this was, I'm not familiar with it though

All the Disney bad guys. 

Awesome Predator outfit

Poison Ivy.  Photo Credit to my friend Austin

The perfect Geek costumes.  These guys really pulled it off!

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