Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gen-Con 2012 "The Minis"

Gen-Con, while mostly about games, puts a lot of focus on miniatures.  And this is right down our ally.  Granted, most of the miniatures are dwarves, elves, and zombies, but there are plenty of historical miniatures as well.  28mm seems to be the trend in miniature gaming, and that's what I was seeing most of.  So without further ado, below are some pictures I snapped of interesting miniatures and dioramas.  Click on the pictures to go to a slideshow sort of thing.

Next up, the costumes!!

neat pre-painted minis.  They had all sorts.

Lots of 40k stuff

Sized for 28mm, but would work for 54mm pretty easily.  Resin material

Kept thinking I might see some 1/32, but nope.  All too small.

Darksword Miniatures.  This is the Night Watch from Game of Thrones.

Dudes were doin some serious gaming!!

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