Sunday, September 2, 2012

Upcoming Hadrian's Wall

I'm sure most of you have already seen this, but I thought it worth touching on.  TSSD has an ambitious project in the works with their Hadrian's Wall structure.  They have a few pictures on their website, but nothing wholly inclusive yet to indicate total size.

Hadrian's Wall was the ancient line of fortifications that stretched across the Northern border of Rome in what is now Great Britain.  Most think it served primarily a military function, protecting against raiding northern tribes, but others think it served more as a representation of Roman power, acting as a symbol rather than a true military fortification.  It was said to be completely white-washed so that it shined in the sunlight and could be seen from a great distance.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product lined with Roman defenders.  I'm sure TSSD will have a great setup at Chicago, like they always do.  They have really gone above and beyond this year, featuring both Cowboys and Romans.  This piece, depending on price and size, could very well find it's way home with me this year.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of reminds me of the old Airfix 1/72 scale model.
Wayne Wood