Monday, June 4, 2012

To Open, or Not to Open

Airfix still in plastic wrap
When should a collector feel the need to keep something in the plastic?  Bust em' open, or preserve a little piece of history?  I know where I land, just curious how others feel.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I for one would open the boxes and use the figures. If you don't all you can do is look at the box. You can still do that after you open it. Although there is value to an unopened box or playset now, keeping it unopened as an investment may or may not last. Even in a toy museum, an unopened playset is not too exciting for me. I wonder just exactly what is inside.

Larry T.

Beau said...


I agree with you. Plastic wrapped boxes aren't very fun to play with. Now, I think there is a line somewhere, where the historical nature of the item comes into play. For example, If I came across a bag of Marx figures still bagged, I probably wouldn't open them. And maybe even some of the really early boxes for Airfix.... maybe.

Jim Clouse said...

I know I wouldn't be able to resist.. I'd open them... having said that - I would be carful opening the boxes as they would still add value... I would even open a stapled shut Marx Playset..


Anonymous said...

Go for it! After all, they're meant to be played with - if your kids can sell them (that is if they don't crumble from age before you outgrow them) for a few bucks - more power to ya.

I've never understood kids who buy comics and put them into plastic bags without reading them.

I guess that's why I'll never be a millionaire...

Wayne W