Thursday, June 7, 2012

Custom Battleboard Complete

Custom Made Battleboard
I contacted Jim Clouse a couple weeks ago to create a custom Battleboard for me.  It arrived today, and I'm super impressed.  It measures 42 x 18 inches, with detailed rock sculpted into three of the sides.  The back is flat so it can sit flush against the wall.  I sized it to sit on a shelf at work.  I went with the basic green pasture look so that it can be used with just about anything.

The board itself is made of heavy duty foam, and has been painted with several coats of paint.  It's very durable to the touch, and doesn't flake or anything.  The top of the board is perfectly textured to give it that look of real ground, but flat enough so that I'm not worried about trying to balance the figures in any certain way.

With this board, I'll be able to switch out displays really quickly, and keep my office interesting at work.  It's already obvious that more boards, a desert scene, or a board with a road on it, would be a nice addition as well!!

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Jim Clouse said...


It was a pleasure creating this board for you! I really like how the Marx 54mm knights and vikings work with the Manor House!

Looking forward to pix of future displays as well!