Monday, June 4, 2012

New TSSD Germans Arrived

New TSSD German Add-on set
Got my set of the new TSSD Germans in the mail today.  Very pleased with them.  These are definitely in a different plastic than the rest of TSSD's figures, more like the resin you see with Barzso's figures.  But they do have some bend to them, and I've already dropped one and it lived to tell the tale (and take the above picture).  I wouldn't recommend this set for kids, but for plastic collectors in need of more WWII poses, you can't go wrong here.

To be more specific about the type of plastic used, the resin seems tough enough that I'm not at all worried about tossing them into my plastic sterilite bins with the rest of my figures (though not until they've had plenty of display time first). They are just not indestructible like the soft plastic figures most of us are used to.

Once the next set of G.I.s is announced, I'll have my name on the pre-order list.

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Anonymous said...

Nice, I've two sets on order, hopefully I'll be seeing them soon. Figured DeAnna had her hands full with Nick being sick and all.