Sunday, June 3, 2012

Plastic Confederates ON SALE!!

Cunnyngham Confederates, as they appeared in Toy Soldier Collector magazine
We're reducing our Confederates in price to $6.99 a bag!  That's extremely low!!  As in, that's about what they cost us to make!  But it's time to clear out the last of the inventory.  One bag is $3 shipping.  Two and Three bags is $5 shipping.  You order 4 or more, and the shipping is on us!!

Karl the Confederate
 All of these figures are based on actual friends of mine who do Civil War reenacting.  They were gracious enough to pose for me while I took their pictures.  After a few photo sessions with several guys, I picked the best ones, and sent them to an acclaimed sculptor in California who had done amazing work for other toy soldier companies in the past.  We were determined to do the best figures we could, so we went to the best.

Thomas and I going over test shots at the Texas Show
One of the many "change" requests sent to the factory.
After they were all sculpted, I sent the resin prototypes to China.  I worked with a couple of great guys, Thomas and Bill, and they helped me turn my resin figures into test shots.  Whenever I wanted to make a small change, they were more than willing to help.  They were awesome guys to work with.  And I should mention that Nick from TSSD and Ron from Barzso Playsets were invaluable sources of advice through the process. 

Showing off the final test shot figures at Chicago
It took some time, but the molds were created, the figures run, and the bags were sent on the long trip from China.  The factory was kind enough to send me several boxes by air freight to the Chicago Show so I could sell some there.

"Ugh" the Confederate.  I have no idea where the nickname came from
We've been selling these guys for two and a half years, and most everyone has had really great things to say about them.  And the number one question at shows is "When are the Yankees coming?".  I wish I had an answer. 

The main shipment.
I want to make more plastic figures.  You wouldn't believe the number of interviews I've had with sculptors, plastic molding factories, and CAD designers.  I've bought Osprey books, done research at the library, had sketches of sculpts done.... I even had the six Union figures complete, but my heart wasn't in them, and I let them sit except for the two I pursued in metal. 

Union Prototype

Union prototypes

So we're lowering the price.  $6.99 per bag.  I can't make more plastic until I sell the last of these Confederates.  I don't own a warehouse, so space is limited.  And instead of sitting on the last of the bags, I'm going to let them go at as low a price as I possibly can.  I hope you decide to take advantage of it.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

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The Collector said...

Sorry to see you have had to reduce the price of your REBS so drastically!! With a few exceptions I thought they were well done.

superchick said...


Anonymous said...

I love your rebs, Beau. I've bought boodles of bags. Sad to hear you're having to cut the price (won't stop me from taking advantage of the sale, though) - just hope you've made your investment back.

Would love to see your Yanks in plastic.

Wayne W