Sunday, September 4, 2011

CTS Confederates Released

New CTS Confederates
The new Confederates from Classic Toy Soldiers are now available.  Stop by CTS's website to pick them up. They are available in gray, butternut, and light blue.  We're currently sending them some more of our plastic Confederates, so you'll be able to pick up both at the same time if you want to.  

I have personally purchased from CTS a bunch and can vouch for them.  They have a huge selection and good prices.  They also recently released some plastic Union figures.  Nice to see them back into the plastic production business.  We can always use some more figures.

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J. M. Steplyk said...

I was meaning to ask if you were excited by the new ACW guys from CTS. From the photos it looks like they'll be able to take their place in the battle line alongside Cunnyngham Collectibles. The Rebs look like they have great potential as Western Feds!