Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Keep the Line" Going into Production

"Keep the Line"
Made of fine White Metal
Production will begin this coming week.  This will be done in high quality metal, just like our first figure.  This one is entitled "Keep the Line", as he's playing the part of a good soldier, trying to keep that wavering line at straight as possible.  He was designed as a Western Federal (you can make out the US buckle and cartridge box plate on the figure), though he'll double quite nicely as an advancing Confederate.  Maybe you should buy two for both your armies!!

I'd like to thank my buddy Ian for posing for this picture.  He's an awesome reenactor who portrays the 49th Indiana.

Pricing and specials still to be determined.

IMPORTANT!  I've only got 8 left of the first figure "Seeing the Elephant".  Right now, all funds are going towards production of figure #2, so a re-order may have to wait awhile.

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