Sunday, June 5, 2011

Early June Updates

Second Figure Going into Production

We're gearing up to put our second metal figure into production.  I'm checking with my guy now to see if he can fit us into his schedule.  Once we're in the que, it shouldn't take too long to actually get figures in stock and available for sale.  It will be titled "Keep the Line".  I'll get some pictures posted soon.


When we started doing metal figures, I had grand ideas of offering them unpainted, primered in blue or gray (to match plastic), and having fully painted figures.  What I found out is that paint is more trouble than it's worth, and REALLY raises the cost for you.  So we've dropped the idea of doing the primer colors as we never found a paint or color that really pleased us.  We're still entertaining ideas of doing a handful of fully painted figures, but probably not till we have released at least 3 or 4 figures, and then selling them as a group.  We'll see...


I'm really excited about what several other companies are doing these days.  TSSD has their O.K. Corral character set coming out, which looks great.  Plus their new range coming later this year.  A little birdy told me that this was going to be nothing short of AMAZING.  Hey Nick, I've got my wallet open!

Dave at Traverse Dioramics has some things up his sleeve as well.  Please be sure to check out his site and see what he's up to.  I think he's also going to have a few ebay auctions for some unique customized pieces soon.  So rock on with that.

Classic Toy Soldier is offering a poll to see what people want next; Confederates or G.I.s.  I'll be interested to see the final product.

Paragon's Mounted Apaches are on their way as well.  My Custer collection is getting pretty amazing, and I only started it a couple of years ago.  Gene from Paragon told me one time that the Cavalry era was a passion of his, so no wonder that he is really going all out on it.  His contributions to the hobby over just a short time are nothing short of astounding.

And you know that Barzso is hard at work putting something together for OTSN, though they like to keep their secrets (adds to the excitement!). 

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