Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The State of Things

"Keep the Line"
A few details

* There is no official pre-order.  If you want one for sure, you can let me know by email, and I'll be sure to let you know immediately when I have them in hand, and you can then order from the online store. 

* If you have any questions about shipping overseas, please let me know.  I can give you exact costs if you email me, and then send you a special invoice through paypal.

*We will run numbers similar to the first figure.  In just two months we have completely sold out of the first run, and only have a handful left of the second run.

* This figure will be available unpainted only at first.  Limited painted versions MAY be available later.

"Seeing the Elephant"

*We only have a handful left of "Seeing the Elephant".  Speak now, or be prepared to wait a while.

*You guys rock hard!  I wasn't sure there would be much support for our new metal figures, but you've come through strong.  Thanks!!  You keep buying, and we'll keep producing!

"44th Tennessee Infantry"
*We are NO LONGER selling our plastic Confederates through our online store.  We will also no longer be supplying dealers.  These figures will never be rerun, so what's out there is it.  We will bring them with us to any shows we attend, and will occassionaly use them as incentives, as we are currently doing with our first metal figure.  Plastic rocks, and I hope to do it again.

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