Thursday, March 31, 2011

Full Table at Indy Show This Weekend!!

I'm so psyched!  It's been too long since I've been elbow deep in toy soldiers, and this is a great show to get my fix.  I'll have a table set up, and we'll be carrying all sorts of cool stuff from a variety of makers.   Here's a brief rundown of what I'll have at my table....

Devil's Den

New Backdrop
 I met Dave from Traverse Dioramics a couple years ago, and as two brand new guys trying to get started, we latched onto one another pretty easily.  Plus, he does AWESOME scenics, including a fully painted Devil's Den piece.  I'll have one of these at my table, along with one of his brand new backdrops he just released.  I don't imagine either will hang around long, so if you're wanting to grab this, visit early.

TSSD Alamo Series
I'll have several sets of TSSD figures (Indians, Cavalry, and the two casualty sets) along with several Alamo buildings that they've been steadily releasing.  I'll have one of the Stable building, the North West building, and a couple more.  I'll also have one of the Reno's Hill pieces, which is huge, and a great value at just $49.  I am only bringing one though because it takes up so much room in my car.

Weston British
I'll have a handful of Steve Weston's new british as well.  They are bagged as 12 figures in 6 poses.  These are sized to go along with all of your other "modern" production WWII figures.

Paragon Cav Set #2
I'll have the full range of Paragon's Cavalry and Apache figures available.  These are top notch, and go great with all the Custer sets that TSSD has been putting out.  If you've missed out on the Indian War stuff the past couple years, I can get you hooked up real quick. 

"Seeing the Elephant"
And of course, we'll have our brand new metal figure available in limited quantities.  I JUST got the initial shipment in (like, 30 minutes ago), so we'll have some to show off this weekend.  They will all be unpainted (it's harder than I thought it would be to find good light blue primer!!!), but we've got a special in mind that should have you wanting to pick up one or two (or three or four!!).

These shows are a TON of fun, you get to see cool stuff from all sorts of dealers, and it's a chance to support the hobby.  As always, every purchase is very much appreciated.  Rock on!

*I stole these images straight from the maker's sites.  All of their websites can be found in the links section to the right.  Visit them online and see their full ranges.  They are all awesome, I guarantee it. :)

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