Sunday, April 3, 2011

Indy Recap / Early Bird Special

He's got the look of a collector.
The Indianapolis Toy Soldier Show, in my opinion, was a rockin' success.  I want to thank all ya'll that stopped by to talk and to see our new stuff.  Your support of the hobby is what keeps it all going.  I was a little worried about introducing metal figures to a primarily plastic audience, but your enthusiasm is very much appreciated!

Ok, here's the deal ya'll.  I have a few of the new metal figures left from the show, and most are already spoken for.  Those that have emailed me about getting some, I'll be replying back to you in a few days with an email giving you a link to purchase.  After those are taken care of, and if I have any left, I'll make them available through the online store.  I'm not exactly sure what the "reorder" time frame looks like, but we'll figure it out and get some in stock very soon.  And as promised, here's your early bird special...

for $11.95
And get a FREE bag of our Confederates

It's the least I could do to give you more bang for your buck.  I reckon ya'll that are reading this are the same intrepid souls that supported us when we first came out with figures, so it only makes sense to make sure I give you the best value possible.  We are doing this on a shoe string (no paint, no package, no advertising) in order to get that price down as low as possible.  I also know many of you are plastic only, and it's my hope you might give our metal a try.

And yes, if you purchase two metal figures, you get two bags of Confederates.  Three metal figures, three bags of confederates, and so on and so forth.  This special will last for as long as I can make it last.

Rock on, and thanks!

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