Friday, March 25, 2011

New Release of "Seeing the Elephant" *UPDATE

A New Release by Cunnyngham Collectibles
Cast in High Quality White Metal

*UPDATE 3/28/2011
I just heard from the manufacturer, and we're hoping to have a handful at the Indianapolis show.... 10 of them to be exact.  We WILL be getting more after the show, though it could be a couple weeks or so.  Several of you have already contacted me about getting a few, and that is MUCH appreciated.  I'm making an informal list of guys and they number of figures they want, and will let them know exactly when they are ready to ship.  If you want on that list, let me know.  My email address is listed to the right.

We're very excited to announce our latest offering, a single figure done in high quality white metal.  This figure is the hopefully just the beginning of several metal figures that we are planning.  This figure was sculpted by the same fantastic artist that created our plastic confederates.  It will be offered unpainted, in gray primer, or in light blue primer.  The primer coats will make it fit right in with the rest of your plastic collection.  

We are still determining prices, but we will be offering a special deal to sweeten the pot for those who order early.  I expect to receive final costs in the next few days, and we'll post prices here and in our online store.  These will only be available exclusively through our website.

I know that several of you are not metal collectors, and I will admit, I am not a metal collector myself.  Our decision to create a line of metal figures was not taken lightly.  The current costs of sculpting, mold-making, production, and safety testing plastic figures made it too big of a risk, especially with a new baby in the house.  Our goal is to explore new options and find more cost effective ways to bring plastic figures to the market.  In the meantime, I hope you'll give our new figures a look, and give them a place in your collection.  Your continued support is very much appreciated.  Thanks!! 


J. M. Steplyk said...

Pre-priming could be a nice time saver for painters. Is there any sign of parting lines on the figure?

Beau said...

The parting lines are similar to our plastic figures. The "seams" were designed to be in inconspicious places... running up the inside of the leg, on the side of the face instead of down the middle of it.