Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Barzso's Battle of Churubusco

So there I was, wandering around the antique mall, prattling behind my wife, who was shopping for Pyrex, Fireking, and Josef Dolls, when all of a sudden, my Plastic Radar went off.  DING DING DING DING DING!!!!  It's a specialized internal signal that has no known origin, but it sends an electronic pulse to my brain whenever there are plastic toy soldiers in the vicinity.  I looked around, looked down, and then looked upwards, towards the heavens, and laid eyes on.....

Seriously, here in the middle of Ohio, a Barzso Playset, much less, one that I don't already own??!?

I took it down, expecting to find broken pieces, missing character figures, horribly painted buildings.  But nope, a full, mint condition playset, most likely never taken out of the box.  Instructions were there, the page of history, all the figures, both character figures, and even the little bag of critters was present and accounted for.

It took me about 3 seconds to decide to buy it ($225, which I thought was a heck of a deal.)

Brought it home, set it up, and immediately started adding in pieces from other sets till I had filled up the table.  There is just something about these Barzso Playsets that makes them so exciting.  The creativity that goes into these sets make them truly little works of art, of which my poor photography skills don't do justice.

Obviously, most of the pictures include other buildings from the Tripoli set, the Fortified Hacienda, some of the Mexican Lancers, and you'll even notice the Church Bell Tower by Steve Weston.  The blood spills come from the Aztecs and Conquistadors playset.  A couple of the buildings are TSSD Alamo pieces.  I also added in the second set of Mexican Infantry that had a few new poses.  

The set contained four unpainted buildings, Mexican Infantry, American Infantry, Texas Rangers, a ton of scenery, the corral, critters such as a wolf, snakes, and a roadrunner, cacti, and two character figures of Robert E. Lee and Santa Anna.  


Seneschal said...

What a find! I can only dream of such a thing. Congratulations! This was the first full Barzso set I was able to buy and remains a sentimental favorite. Even my wife was impressed - she loved the coyote chasing the roadrunner and the little snake - what attention to detail! Why Barzso remains tops and the subject of his next set is always a topic of discussion.

Seneschal said...

BTW: I forgot to "sign" off: Wayne, the Old All American.

Beau said...

I know, when my wife is excited about a playset, I know it's well done. She enjoys the Shores of Tripoli playset as much as I do!

Seneschal said...

That's one I missed - to my everlasting regret, Wayne