Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Opie Taylor and his Marx Civil War Playset

I was watching The Andy Griffith Show on TV Land the other night, and wasn't really paying attention, and just happened to look up, and caught a glimpse of the Marx Civil War set.  I hollered to my wife to look, but amazingly enough, she didn't really care.  But I thought ya'll might appreciate a screenshot of it.  It's from the Season 5 episode "Aunt Bee's Romance".  I pulled the screen cap from watching it stream through  It's free with their Prime membership.

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Anonymous said...

"Leave it to Beaver" is another show that had a couple of episodes where the Beav and Larry have Toy Soldier Battles that mostly look like "Timmee" figures,I remember one episode where Beav had a Rocket base setup and several times they showed his train set.Kuvaszsleepybear.