Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Armies in Plastic NEW Taliban

I had pre-ordered this set of new Taliban from Armies in Plastic, and they just arrived a couple days ago.  I have a fondness for "modern" figures, and they are pretty under-represented in the hobby, so when these were announced, I jumped at them.  They go great with their previous release of Modern U.S. soldiers, which was an excellent set.  These "bad guys" are armed with AK47's, and one guy is shouldering a rocket launcher.  Now I need to find a scale pick-up truck to move these guys around their battlefield.

I ordered directly from AIP, which gives you the "buy three get one free" deal, which I took advantage of and picked up a few Rev War sets I was missing.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't know why the companies are so afraid of "Modern Day" figures in 54MM,There are lots of great 1/72 "Modern day" sets which the damn companies(I'm looking at your Revell among others LOL)won't upscale,There are dozens of subjects from Korea War to Present Day that would make some great sets and ya can't tell me they wouldn't sell!!Kuvaszsleepybear.