Friday, October 25, 2013

Sedition Wars - Board Game

If you're into miniatures of all sorts, not just the 54mm variety, and you like a little sci-fi gaming, you MIGHT want to check out Sedition Wars from Studio McVey and Cool Mini or Not.  I emphasize the MIGHT because, well, I'm still not totally grasping the rules yet.  I might be, but dang, there's a lot of rules, so everytime I play, I just assume I'm doing something wrong.  

The miniatures are about 28mm, and there is quite a bit of assembly that goes into it, but as far as the setting, and the idea behind the game, it's pretty cool.  

Sedition Wars boardgame
It's a modular board game where you build the layout before each game, and it has varying play styles (death match, objective based, save civilians, ect.).  It plays like a miniatures game, but simplified for a board game (though maybe not simplified enough for this feeble mind).

I know some of you are into Sci-Fi, and a few of you into board games, and all of you into miniatures, so I wanted to pass it along.  The rules may be a little jumbly (new rules and errata have been posted online just a few days ago), but it' still pretty darn cool.  Has my recommendation.

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