Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Testing the Waters

Union Infantry Prototype

I wanted to answer a couple of questions that have come my way.  This pose and the pose below were sculpted for our Union Infantry set that never quote got finished.  I'm talking to my Hong Kong manufacturer to get some quotes on running a short run of these figures, along with a couple other poses that were done.  It will probably be a grouping of 8 figures in 4 poses.  I'm in the process of gathering numbers right now, and possibly making a few changes to the figures to spruce them up, and then we'll go from there.

We're still sculpting an entirely new figure set in a different era.  I'm expecting a few more Work in Progress photos this week, and will post when they become available.  This one will still be quite a ways off in terms of production, so I thought in the meantime, we might revisit these Civil War sculpts and see if we could shake the dust off and finally pull the trigger on them.

Needless to say, toy soldier manufacturing is a risky proposition (it helps in that I'm not trying to pay myself a salary or anything like that.  I'm just looking to make enough to finance the next set).  IF IF IF IF IF everything pans out, and this starts to look like a real possibility, we'll be relying on collectors like you to help spread the word!

2013 should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Hope the Union Set figures have more standing than kneeling/sitting poses than what the Confederate set had.B

Beau said...

Sorry there weren't enough standing guys to your liking. I've always been partial to the kneeling and prone figures myself, but to each their own. This particular set of 4 poses will be 3 upright, 1 kneeling. I think when put together they make a nice mix.

Anonymous said...

Nice sculpts/Poses. I'll buy them when they come out but I'm excited to hear that you are doing a new era. Although I like ACW, I'm a little burnt out on that era and want something new besides ACW, American Rev,Western Cavalry and WW2 (unless it's French,Poles,Allied Jungle fighters or German Naval troops or Euro Partisans). I would like to see Medieval, Korean War or Vietnam and I would hope they are one of them...Oh for ACW I'd like a Union Naval Landing party/Gun crew.-Tom Black

Anonymous said...

Tom Black,Read the "Wish List" on Hobby Bunker Forum,B.

Anonymous said...

I may be a Lone Ranger here (nothing new for me) but can never get enough ACW figures and am glad you are going to move ahead with this set. I think these will not only compliment your Confederate set by making good "Western" figures to oppose them, but will probably paint up well as rebs, too.

For me the more poses and variations the better. Bring 'em on, I hope to do what I can to help you finance your next set...

;-) Wayne

Anonymous said...

beau, probably wouldnt consider this, but have you thought at all about running at least some of the Confederate figures in Union blue, to mix in with the possible 'new' Union set you are thinking of running?

Beau said...

Hey Gerardo, hope all is well!!

I COULD/SHOULD have run the confederates in blue. Oh well, lesson learned. To run them now, I would have to run the minimum order, which would mean I'd have another 3,000 bags of blue confederates invading my garage. If I could have somewhere around 500 bags run, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but I don't think they'll do that..... actually, maybe they'd do it WHILE they were working on this other set. Worth looking into.... thanks for the idea.


Anonymous said...

well, if you ever decide to do another 'run' of the confederate set perhaps do it have in blue and the other half of the run in grey, still 3000 min sets run, they just change the plastic half way thru...or do a combo bagged set with both colors...good luck with the new set and the union figures, guessing the new set era...really post modern, apolycapse type??