Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Morgan" and his chew

A little history behind one of my favorite figures that we did for our Confederates.  The model was a fellow named "Morgan".  He does a Tennessee Infantry impression, and has one of the best visual impressions I've seen in a reenactor.  I didn't actually give him a lot of instruction, just told him to act like he was on a rocky hill trying to load and take cover at the same time.  He immediately jumped down on his knees, dropped his rifle to the ground beside him and pulled out the ramrod.  I told him to freeze, and started taking pictures from all sides.

I didn't realize till later that he still had a big wad of chew in his lip (which is extremely accurate for the time period).  I told the sculptor that I thought it really added character to the sculpt, and stayed true to the model.  If you look close at this figure, you can see that there is a bit of a puff in his cheek.

Thanks "Morgan"!!

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