Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Pegasus Figures?

I noticed on the Toy Soldiers of San Diego website that they are expecting new German Paratroopers from the company Pegasus Hobbies in 2013.  That is GREAT news.  I really liked their WWII Russian figures from a few years ago.  I went searching and found some pictures of what look to be a set of the new figures in 1/72 scale.  Sign me up when/if they do hit the 1/32 market!

Also saw that Expedition Forces is planning on releasing some Ancient Greeks and Persians soon.  Probably will be dwarfed by the Conte Spartans, but beggers can't be choosers.  I'll have to put together a nice little army of those when they are released.  And I'll be interested to see their WWII offerings that are said to be in the works.

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