Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gen-Con Recap "The Games"

A little late, but no matter, here are some pictures from Gen-Con 2012.  I'll start out with the games!  Board games have always been a favorite past time of mine, and so when Gen-Con comes around, I'm pretty much in heaven.

I haven't played all of the games below, but these are the ones that caught my interest.  I have played Descent, Fortress America, and Cutthroat Caverns.  Not a huge fan of Fortress America, but the other two are awesome!

The next posting will cover the Miniatures.  And after that, the costumes!  I promise to try to keep it safe for work.

Game of Thrones game by Fantasy Flight

Dust by Fantasy Flight

Star Wars X-Wing game by Fantasy Flight.  Much like the older Wings of War game.

New 2nd Edition of Descent.  It's like a trumped up version of Hero Quest.

You may remember Fortress America from the 80's.  They've updated it with a new edition.

I fully endorse Cutthroat Caverns.  Hilarious game!!  Most fun you can have with a group of friends.

Awesome gaming table.  Even comes with cup holders

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