Saturday, May 26, 2012

Barzso Rev War Set Preview

Hey All!

Barzso Rev War Playset

I saw that Ron has posted a preview page for upcoming Rev War playset.  It's scheduled for a September release at the OTSN show.  I can't believe that's coming up so quickly!  I got a chance to view the figures up close and personal at the Indy show, and I really liked what I saw.  Add in the newly sculpted buildings, and you've got a classic toy soldier set on the way.  They are taking pre-orders starting June 1st.

Custom Battleboard

I recently commissioned a custom BATTLEBOARD to be made by Jim Clouse.  Can't wait to get that!  I've having it custom made to go in my office at work.  I think my first display with it is going to feature the Marx Fighting Knights Playset.  I'm busy scouring for some extra figures.  I have a bunch of recasts, but only 30 or so originals.   I plan on picking up the Barzso Manor House to round out the display.

Cincinnati Antiquing

My wife and I spent a weekend in Burlington, KY, just south of Cincinnati.  Neat little historic town, and home to a huge antique market at the 4-H grounds.  I struck out my first day, but on the second day of our trip we traveled t the Ohio Valley Antique Mall, just north of Cincinnati.  There was a booth there with a nice selection of plastic toy soldiers.  A Fort Apache and a Fighting Knights carry-all playset, another vintage Marx Playset (forget which one it was), some still shrink wrapped Airfix for the 80's, and lots of bagged figures.  I got a few Airfix figures, which had always eluded my collection, and called it a day.  Nice to actually find something in Antique malls these days.  It's been pretty dry of Toy Soldiers lately.


Seneschal said...

I've yet to find any decent toy soldiers in my area at any flea market, antique store, or yard sale. I guess kids didn't play with the little guys around here. Sad for me.


Seneschal said...

Oh yes, already told my wife I WANT the Lexington/Concord set, hoping to snatch the Valley Forge set, too, before it's too late.