Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New stuff available at Indy Show

I just got off the phone with Nick and Deanna at TSSD, and ordered a whole ton of stuff for the Indianapolis Show including his new Romans, Barbarians, and the Just Released Tombstone Gunfighters.  So after talking with them and talking with Gene from Paragon, here's a list of what will be on my table from TSSD and Paragon.

Paragon Figures:
Mounted Cavalry
Mounted Apaches
Dismounted Cav #1
Dismounted Cav #2
Apaches #1
Apaches #2

Paragon Scenics
1 complete Mountain Fortress (including the exclusive rock piece)

TSSD Figures:
Tombstone Gunfighters
Dismounted Cav set#1
Dismounted Cav Casualties
Indians set #1
Indians set #2
Indian Casualties

TSSD Scenics
1 complete Roman Marching Fort
1 Alamo North East Corner Building
1 Alamo Small Stable Building
1 Alamo Gated Barricade
1 Alamo Long Barrack
1 Reno's Hill

So yeah, I'll have some cool stuff.  These shows are a great chance to get your hands on stuff and avoid shipping charges, especially on the larger foam pieces like the Mountain Fortress and the Roman Marching Fort. 

Another big plus, my wife will be coming with me this year.  We actually managed to find a baby-sitter.  She's been busy with her paint brush and may have a few painted items available as well.  We'll see.... 

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