Sunday, March 25, 2012

Indianapolis Show 2012 pictures

The Indy Show has come and gone, and for us, it was a great show.  We carried a variety of products by TSSD, Paragon, Steve Weston, and our own figures.  This above picture was taken before the show started.

As you can see, there were plenty of vintage playsets for sale as well.  Lots of Marx, but some old Conte and Barzo playsets as well.
Lots of metal and plastic to be seen, and several really nice dioramas.  This one in particular sitting at the Crown Toy Soldiers table really caught my attention.
Lots of cool WWI airplanes at a couple of different tables this year. These were really cool.

 The two pictures above show the upcoming Rev War figures being put out by Ron Barzso.  The figures are EXCELLENT, and are going to be injection molded plastic.  The figures here are test shots.
Jim had several of his battleboards on display, including this one that had the Shores of Tripoli playset on it.  I highly recommend Jim for all your diorama needs.
Whatever you need, chances are, the Marx-Marn will have it.  

I had a great time, and enjoyed talking to everyone that stopped by the table.  

We'll be posting what we didn't sell online here in the next few days, including new sets such as the TSSD Romans & Barbarians, the TSSD Gunfighters, and the Apache mounted Cav and Indians, plus others.


Seneschal said...

Thanks for sharing the pix, Beau. It's a great way for those of us who couldn't go to get an idea of what we missed.

Really enjoyed seeing the new Barzso figures. Just when you think he's hit the heights he tops himself.


Beau said...

Hey Wayne,

Yeah, the new figures look great, and in my opinion, proably his best yet. I'm love the resin figures, but as far as durability and thickness of body, you can't beat injection molded plastic.


Anonymous said...

Thinks for the pictures. The figures from Barzso look neat. Who had all the great Marx sets? I'm sorry I missed it.

Jim Clouse said...

Beau -

I'll add my thanks to you for taking the time to post these photos and for your endorsement of BattleBoards! It was great chatting with you at the show.



Beau said...

@Anon - I believe those vintage playsets belonged to Rick Eber. I could be wrong about that.

@Jim - Hey, my pleasure! Great to see you as well. I'll see you in Chicago in a few months!