Saturday, November 5, 2011

Early November Update

Early November, and I wanted to touch base and let you know where we are at with a few things.

1. I got several emails last night about our plastic Confederate figures being sold out.  No no, we have plenty of them to go around.  You can purchase them through our website, and other fine dealers such as (in no particular order) CTS, Michtoy, TSSD, and Hobby Bunker.  All those places are class acts.

2. We are STILL sold out of our metal figures.  I have no idea when we'll get more.  I've requested a re-order, but the wheels of manufacturing move at their own pace.

3. The master mold has been completed for our unreleased 2nd metal figure.  But again, I have no idea when the figures will be cast and ready for sale.

4.  I haven't stopped looking for new ways to produce figures.  I've got an email into a guy, and we'll see where that goes.  Wish us luck!

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