Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Early July Update

A Word on our Plastic Production

I got some news back from the U.S. company that was interested in seeing what they could do for us.  They were very excited to see if they could digitally sculpt the figures using CAD and then make the molds.  After a few weeks of them studying our first set of plastic, they told me that it just wouldn't be worth it.  They told me that the tooling costs alone would be up around $100,000, and that doesn't even cover sculpting, production, or packaging.  Sooo.... we're still on hold for plastic production.  Those type of costs are simply not possible.  We haven't given up, and I've very interested in seeing how the current resin and 3D printing technologies turn out. 

Second metal Figure "Keep the Line"

"Keep the Line"
 There was some slight difficulties in getting this guy ready.  Mostly technical stuff, like the 3D printer going on the fritz, which does the maker's mark on the bottom, and a slight difficulty in getting a perfect casting, but I believe most of those hurdles have been about cleared, and we should be back on track shortly.

Upcoming Barbarians

Our first Barbarian is going to be depicting close hand-to-hand combat.  I think I'm just about set on the design of the figure, and will be letting the sculptor get to work in the next couple days.  Once we have a master sculpt, we'll show it here and give you a time frame for release.  I'm hoping to be able to release in conjunction with TSSD's Romans and Barbarians playset at the beginning of September, but that may be pushing it a bit.  Just depends on how quickly all the pieces come together.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Anonymous said...

I do hope you will resume plastic figure production in the future.
I am curious too about the new type of resin figures that have been discussed on different forums.
I do hope the new technologies will work out.