Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Baseball Season

Forget Football and it's bickering back and forth.  We've finally got Baseball back in full swing.  The only sport where you can ignore it for months at a time, and it doesn't really matter!  And depending on your team of choice, that may be your best bet.

I've been an Atlanta Braves fan since before it was fashionable.  Being born in south Georia, I didn't have much choice..

Dale Murphy
My original hero in life was Dale Murphy, #3, Outfield for the Braves from 1976 to 1990.  I think I own every baseball card he was on during those years.  They were the bottom of the barrel for years, but it didn't matter.  I wore my baby blue jersey to elementary school with pride.

Chipper Jones

John Smoltz

Thankfully the Braves got better over the years...

Rock on Baseball, glad to have you back.  I just wish you were back on TBS every night. 

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Wayne W said...

Go Braves! Living in Alabama, they've become my team by default, though my first love was the Cardinals and I still follow them. Don't know who to root for when they play one another.