Friday, April 16, 2010

The Alignment of Ducks

Assuming I can get all my ducks in a row (not always an easy feat), there is an excellent chance of our Union troops arriving in time for... dare I say it... I probably shouldn't... a good business person would play it closer to the vest... not get hopes and expectations too high only to disappoint in the event that things don't work out exactly right... but if I don't tell you, then what's the point of me keeping you "up-to-date" via the all important business tool known as the "inter-webby"... but then again, you shouldn't rely on the internet for everything... as a professional librarian, I have to warn you about trusting everything you read online... and this could be one of those very instances... but you wanted to know, and honestly, I wanted to tell you, so here it is.

We might have prototypes available to view at Texas, and the distinct, but still wane possibility of actual figures at Chicago. meh. I don't have that from a reliable source, but that's how it worked out last year... so why not again this year?

Still, it all depends on those ducks... or more likely, the United States Postal Service and the month of May.

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