Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Movement on All Fronts

After a self-imposed lull, it feels good to get things rolling again. It's been awhile since we actually got to get into the creative side of making toy soldiers. We've been busy selling... working with online carts, negotiating with dealers, getting safety testing completed, importing/exporting rules, stuff that I just wasn't cut out for!! I was never meant to be a salesman!!

But now we're getting back into the fun part; posing, determing uniforms, hats, equipment, facial expressions... the stuff that makes toy soldiers cool! Hopefully I'll have something solid to show soon... hopefully.

Also, we're considering this, that, and another thing, but I'm keeping mum till I know what's what.

Rock on!


Anonymous said...

Have you chose the era of your 3rd set?

Beau said...

We've decided on our next era... but still need to do some research to narrow down exactly how we're going to approach it. Lots of options with this one...