Friday, March 19, 2010

Mid-March Update

What are you doing on the Internet??? There's warm weather out there to enjoy... NCAA Basketball on T.V.... and here you are, on the internet checking toy soldier websites!! But on the other hand, here I am, updating a toy soldier website.... so since we're all wasting time here together, let's get to it.

I've been in contact with Dave at Traverse Dioramics and have agreed to show off some of his pieces at the Indianpolis show. I'll have a couple of his Mountain Passes for sale, and hopefully a new custom piece made specifically for our our Confederate Infantry, which won't be for sale, but will give you an idea of what kind of custom pieces he can create. We'll also have a variety of plastic for sale (Marx, Airfix, Hat, CTA, ect.) plus our own figures.

Let us speak honestly about Set #2. I've been telling people that we should have a release in late 2010... now don't start dragging out the torches and pitchforks, but that date is becoming less and less possible. It's a combination of several things, but mostly it's a decision on our part to do a little R&D for this second set. I might be getting a touch nit-picky, but I want these to be perfect... that includes uniform design, weapon & gear, figure size, plastic type and color (anybody else tired of warped figures?) and packaging. So yes, we're working on bringing some major awsomeness to your collection, but I can't make any promises on a date.

But no worries right? Gives your wallet a little breathing room to buy all the other cool stuff coming out these days. Scenics, figures, Battleboards, playsets, custom conversions... not to mention the multitude of painted metal sets and 1/72 figures. Surely too much for any one collector.

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