Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The West Coaster

Hopefully a few of you are able to attend the West Coast show going on right now. I'm jealous. Like all Toy Soldier shows, I'm sure it will be blast. I'm not sure what dealers will be there, but be sure to look for any of the dealers listed in our "preferred dealers" list. Remember, a show is the best way to actually lay eyes on a product, and purchase without paying the dreaded shipping costs.

As for our own company, we're slowly starting to find a "routine" with the new baby, and we'll be getting back to work on set #2, and hopefully begin work in earnest on set #3 (and #4???) soon. We've been laying some groundwork that will hopefully prove fruitful in the coming months. We'll keep you informed as things progress.

But for now, enjoy the awesomeness coming from everywhere else, including Mounted Indians from TSSD, Cav and Apaches from Paragon, all sorts of Napoleonics coming from HAT, and the rumored new Italeri WWII sets. Always something happening in the world of plastic!

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