Saturday, February 6, 2010

Playing with Toys

My wife's cousins came over today. They brought two boys; a five year old and a two year old. Their parents had no idea what sort of business I'm in, and I think they had prepared the boys for a boring visit.

We did the normal chit-chat visiting for a few minutes, and then the 5 year old takes off chasing after the dog and ends up in my room. All we heard was "I FOUND SOMETHING, I FOUND SOMETHING!!! COME LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!"

What he'd found was a full setup of TSSD Cavalry holding off hordes of Barzso, AIP, and TSSD Indians, plus the Barzso Stockade Fort. Them two boys hit it like a whirlwind!! After most of the Indians and Troopers had died several times over, we had to recruit a handful of Marx Knights, a King Tiger tank, and some various Playmobile toys. It was a blast!! It was fun to really see those toys put into action. Wouldn't it be great to have imagination like that again!


lvo said...

nice post Beau!

Anonymous said...

So, are you now a proud Papa? Are congratulations in order? Boy or girl?
Don't worry you'll get the hang of diaper changing.We all did.
Congratulations for bringing another toy collector into the world!
See you at Indy!
Mike Kutnick