Monday, October 19, 2009

From the Email Inbox

“…these troops are some of the most realistic I have ever seen”

“They are terrific! Much better in "person" than in a two-dimensional photo.”

“They really show some individuality with the faces, hats, and equipment.”

“You have set a new standard for the toy soldier market. The only complaint I have is now I have to wait until 2010 for the union figures…”

“I have the figures and they are excellent! Congratulations on producing what have to be amongst the very best Rebs ever done in plastic.”

And my personal favorite...

“A couple of days on the diorama board; a lifetime in the landfill. Please keep up the good work.”

We enjoy hearing from people who are enjoying their new figures, but as always, if you have issues of any sorts with them, please let us know. We're always looking to improve. Plus, it's always possible that manufacturing errors occur as well. I got a note from a fellow who had a figure which obviously had the wrong head on the wrong figure. Instant Conversion!! He was happy with it, and wanted to keep it as a "collectible". But if you do have problems, we're here to make sure you're happy with your product.


Anonymous said...

And how about those packing peanuts, eh?

Anonymous said...

It's plastic and can be recycled. Come to think of it has anyone done figures in recycled plastic?

Beau said...

Not that we're going to win any awards for saving the earth, but all of our packing peanuts are starch-based environmentally safe peanuts!